Winnie Stacey is a young beautiful girl who was born with Spinabifida and Hydrocephalus. At one month she was already at Bethany Kids with her mum to undergo the closure of the back and shunting for her hydrocephalus. Indeed this is early intervention since they live in Kisumu which is about 300kms from Kijabe.

Winnie’s mum was trained on CIC and would later be trained on BM. Indeed Winnie’s future seemed very bright.

A mother of 3and a wife was so unfortunate to go through a rough separation that left her with absolutely nothing to her name but her 3 children, 2 daughters and 1 son. This tragic turn of events brought the worse to Winnie. Her mum forgot all about her care and she remained wet for a record six years.

Now the young 13 year old girl is struggling with severe wounds on her bum, curved limbs, severe inability to control her bladder she is always in diapers, she even dropped out of school and the worse bit is she had to undergo colostomy as an alternative way to empty her bowel since her bum is severely damaged and the faeces would cause more infections.

They arrived at the House of Hope and found us ready to offer them the much ‘Hope’ they have been looking for all this time.

They stayed at the House of Hope for 5 days where we tried our best to dress the wound, request BK to introduce the little girl to oxybutinine, introduce the mum to SHAK; the parent groups and the outreaches and to share important information on where to access services such as government services for PWDS, NHIF and finally the most important part is the training on SBH which covers the SHIP, skin care, CIC and the rest.

I was very impressed to see this young girl empty her bladder. She told me that she had used one single catheter for 3 years after her mum stopped taking care of her. This is how she learned the technique self catheterization.

I shared my experience with Mama Winnie and she was very much encouraged to start all over again and just let her ex husband be. I proposed to her that she can start small by doing some small scale farming since her family has a huge piece of land and she can also enrol in the county education system offered to small scale farmers by the government.

This was a great privilege for us here at the House of Hope. We provide Hope, BethanyKids provides the Care and our God Heals.

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