Nimrod was born on 25th February 2017. He was a very healthy baby boy who weighed 3.5kgs at birth. His family was very happy when he was born since his mum had given birth to 2 girls and they really wanted a baby boy. So their joy as a family was complete when finally Doreen gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

A celebration followed and the whole community was invited. This came along with so many gifts from the invited guests. Indeed Nimrod was a true blessing. A few months later, the once very healthy and happy child suddenly got ill. After his recovery his head started swelling. No one in the family seemed to understand what was happening to this bundle of joy.

After several visits to the nearby clinic, Doreen was advised to visit the district hospital where she would get help. She did visit the district hospital only for her son to be admitted for no reason at all since he was not receiving any treatment.

This followed a series of challenges in the once happy, humble life that Doreen and her family once had. The medical bills grew bigger their little farm could not raise enough to take care of the bills which ate into her marriage. A few months later her husband left to look for work in Nairobi and never came back – Sad……..

Helpless, discouraged, confused and all alone Doreen was left to fend for her 3 children. She opted to do manual labour to ensure her children had basic needs met. Fortunately her employer happened to own a television set and a story was aired on the good work done by BethanyKids. Her boss would later on provide her with bus fare and some little cash to get her to Kijabe. Her son was admitted and we met during our rounds at the neuro wards. Later on they were transferred to House of Hope.

Doreen was so fortunate her son was treated under the Watsi program so she did not pay anything. At the House of Hope where she stayed for 2 weeks before review, she learned a lot and was able to get encouraged by fellow mothers. She met Phoebe and could not believe she too has a shunt.

Finally Doreen would return to BethanyKids for review after which she left to go back home. It is so sad that Doreen had to come back with Nimrod a few weeks later. Nimrod had developed an infection and needed to stay nearby BethanyKids for daily dressing and complete a dose of antibiotics. Again House of Hope was very much available to provide shelter food and hope to this dear mum.

Working in partnership with BethanyKids has made a huge difference in the lives of Nimrod and his mum. This is the reason she has a smile on her face it is because we care, we provide hope and God Heals.

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