What We Do

The House of Hope

The House of Hope welcomes free of charge, parents and children waiting for surgery or medical review or those who missed their bus due to late discharge from Bethany Kids.

Bethany Kids will notify the House of Hope about parents who are coming to the guesthouse by phone. House of Hope will then advise if there is room for accommodation. The House of Hope has a capacity of 12 beds at the moment.

When parents arrive, Juliana and Phyllis welcome them and tell them ‘you are at home, please feel welcome’. We are mothers of children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus just like you; let me show you your room, here are your clean sheets and blankets. Please make your bed and keep it neat. After you finish with your bed I will show you the bathroom and how the hot shower works, washrooms and how we flush the toilet, kitchen, garden, chicken house, where we take our meals and also where we throw diapers and sanitary towels.

We start counselling parents by first of all sharing our real life experiences with our children i.e. Juliana shares about her experience with her daughter Phoebe while Phyllis shares about hers with her son Leon. We then share the basics of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus: primary prevention and the intake of folic acid, early intervention, and the importance of good nutrition, rehabilitation for bowel and bladder function and occupational therapy.

We cook, clean and garden together.

We have fun, and share a good sense of humour with the parents, we let our children play with the children at the House of Hope.

The House of Hope programme which has made a huge difference in lives of so many families coming from Kenya and beyond including the larger Eastern African countries depends entirely on donors and well wishers. Currently we are funded by Child Help which is our sole donor.